Additional controls could be implemented too, for example in the form of approval workflow: registering for an account does not automatically grant access, and instead requires a rep to first make contact before approving access.

Website access restriction usually takes the form of requiring a user to register before they can view your product list and product detail pages. 

By limiting your catalog’s exposure, you can minimize your competitors’ ability to discover your own inventory weaknesses.


Restricting access can also present a business advantage over your competitors. If you find out the extent of a competitor’s inventory you can discover their limitations and what their focus is, enabling you to develop new or expand existing lines to exploit their weaknesses.


First, you may want to use it to personally engage with each of your potential customers before doing business with them.

Restricting access to your catalog can have numerous benefits.

Most online B2B sellers want parts of their site high in search engine rankings, but some want to keep their catalogs gated to only approved buyers.

Restricted Site