We have great scale-ups as customers, like Dept Agency and Dwarfs that are great to work with.


We have some of the best NetSuite people working for us, that could be your colleague to challenge and learn from each other. More and more, consultants from other ERP packages and consultants from other partners like this and join us.


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Awesome international locations. Would you like to work for a period in London, Dublin, Capetown, Johannesburg, Eindhoven, Groningen, Utrecht or at one of our other international locations? It is possible at Rsult.


Internationally large, locally involved: a close-knit culture with a lot of involvement from colleagues, led by an entrepreneur.


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We focus on results, not how you achieve them. You can define this yourself. So do not expect 'corporate control systems'. Good conversations, personal responsibility and trust from the start.


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