Senior NetSuite Consultant

Libor Nekula 

Senior NetSuite Consultant

Martin Strašil 

The Czech leadership team

Libor Nekula, Co-founder and director of BNS-Cloud; “Because of the merger with Rsult we can faster drive our ambitions to become one of the main NetSuite partners within our region. Rsult gives us the trust and confidence to focus on growth without being distracted from our core business.”

Martin Strašil, Co-founder and director of BNS-Cloud; “We are extremely excited about this merger as we have seen the potential within our region and beyond. It appears that we really stepped on the right path as we would never have imagined being able to become part of a well-renowned group in such a short timeframe. I am also happy that the BNS-Cloud team thanks to Rsult will be able to work on a much bigger scale than we did until now.”

John continues: "Just like other markets we entered with local offices, this market also has many companies that are realizing the value, flexibility and scalability of the cloud. They are just beginning to understand that their current, mostly legacy on-premises systems are no longer meeting their needs in this ever-evolving digital age.” John continues, “This step fits our ambition to become a leading, innovative global NetSuite partner”.

CEO Rsult

John Schrijvers

“The merger with BNS-Cloud is something we’ve not done before on this scale, but speaking with their founders we immediately saw there is a lot of synergy between both of our organisations.”

John Schrijvers, CEO of Rsult:

CRO Rsult

Aston Byfield

“It’s imperative that we as a company are constantly looking ahead. We have achieved and learnt a significant amount over the past five years, and have a platform to take our proposition into new markets. This merger into the Czech market is quite unique and a key milestone for our roadmap - and one of a string of announcements yet to come for 2022.”

For one of the fastest-growing international NetSuite partners, Rsult’s Czech merger offers a logical choice for expansion into the Central European market.

Aston Byfield, CRO of Rsult said:

Award winning Oracle NetSuite partner Rsult, with offices in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and South Africa, is expanding into the Czech Republic. Rsult is merging with BNS-Cloud, a specialised NetSuite development and implementation company with over 14 specialised staff located in Brno, Czechia.

Rsult merges into Central Europe with BNS Cloud to form Rsult Czech