Time to
We can celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the Rsult group (Rsult, Dataswitcher, Databrydge, MindMasters)
One Rsult One weekend
As COVID-19 is more and more under control, we feel the urge to meet again with colleagues, from out of all different countries and businesses. As we already know, just one day will not do the trick, so we’ve chosen for a full weekend of excitement, activities, and relaxation
We would like you to block your calendar from 17th till 19th of December 2021.
We appreciate your presence.
Hopefully, you can join us in making memories.
Save the date
Business & personal level
Currently, we are looking into several options, based on travel guidelines and other criteria, where we will go and what to do – but it definitely will be a great gathering where we can interact with each other on a business and personal level.
Be kind