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Most companies that use NetSuite also use a multitude of other cloud-based applications. Our portfolio of SmartConnectors integrates the most commonly used applications and business processes around NetSuite.

Maura Marshall

COO at Stio

“Without the Celigo Magento-NetSuite Integration App, we would not have full visibility into our global inventory. We wouldn’t be selling through key locations. And, we wouldn’t be able to sustain our growth while still providing an excellent buying experience for our customers.”

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Stio chose the Celigo Magento-NetSuite Integration App as the best integration option to streamline daily operations by automatically synchronizing order, fulfillment, and inventory information between NetSuite and Magento. According to Marshall, this is a huge benefit to keeping the business running properly. And, checking on the performance of the integrations is no longer a chore she needs to perform regularly.

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This has allowed Stio to streamline operations and scale to meet its growing needs while maximizing sales; thus allowing them to get cash out of their available inventory regardless of where it’s located.

Streamline and Scale operations and
Maximize Sales

Stio can automatically synchronize order, fulfillment, inventory and product information between NetSuite and Magento.

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all operations

With the Celigo Magento to NetSuite Integration App in place, Stio is now able to:
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Stio Sustains Growth while Delivering Excellent Customer
Experience with the Magento-NetSuite Integration App by Celigo

The Challenge

Stio started out not knowing if there was a market for its products but in fact, has experienced extraordinary growth year-over-year. Like many successful growing companies, it sells on multiple channels, including its website, retail locations, and marketplaces. Stio leverages inventory from its brick and mortar locations to fulfill both online and offline orders.

Stio realized that it needed to automate order fulfillment and inventory management to support its growth and plans for opening more physical locations. To accomplish this, it chose NetSuite as the best platform to support its omni-channel selling strategy along with NetSuite’s ease of use as a cloud application.