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Increase the efficiency of consolidating financial statements and creating budgets with waste tracking, customer buying information and integration of accounting features.

How your cannabis business can benefit from a tailored industry designed solution

Improve the quality of data management around transactions between subsidiaries with inventory control, customer buying information.

Improve the quality of financial data with purchasing analytics and integration of accounting features.

Improve the quality of resource, taxes, and compliance management with the laws and compliance module.

Issues with eliminating transactional errors between subsidiaries.

As a financial executive, you might recognize these challenges

It takes too much time to get the right data for your decision-making.

Struggling with consolidating financial statements and managing budgets.

Disparate financial data, spreadsheets, and islands of information.

Struggling with managing taxes, duties and compliance.

Managing resources.

Improve resource, tax and compliance management.

Meet all regulatory requirements

Icrease profits with automated inventory management.

Increase product quality and profits

Reduce costs with automated inventory and waste tracking.

Reduce growing and production costs

Built on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central technology to
reduce costs and improve compliance with solid financial reporting

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Completely Transform Your Cannabis Business Financially With Cannabis Industry Technology